Sister Andaiye was a very principled and courageous person

June 6, 2019 ovp

Jun 06, 2019

An outstanding African-Guyanese freedom fighter and revolutionary has made the transition.
Sister Andaiye was a very principled and courageous person. She was also an example of brilliance combined with humility, a characteristic lacking in many who, having had either the privilege or opportunity of obtaining tertiary education, believe that it entitles them to treat the poor and the powerless as lesser human beings.
Andaiye had no time and place for such arrogant and haughty types. Coming from a middle-class background, she was an example of one who committed what the great African revolutionary and philosopher, Amílcar Cabral, referred to as “class suicide”.
Also, she was among the few who maintained her anti-imperialist credentials, and once asked me whatever happened to the concept and term “anti-imperialism”, musing at how it was conveniently and opportunistically dropped from the political lexicon of our erstwhile anti-imperialist politicians.
Although we had political differences, given that I was a staunch member of Burnham’s PNC, and her, an equally staunch member of Rodney’s WPA, nevertheless, we converged ideologically as Pan Africanists, socialists and anti-imperialists.
I have a deep respect for her and the life she led. She was indeed a remarkable woman and truth warrior. Andaiye should be posthumously awarded Guyana’s highest national award – the Order of Excellence.
Gerald A. Perreira
Organization for the Victory of the People