Urban Community Gardens


The Constitution of Guyana guarantees land to the tiller, but the Constitution has been trampled on by every government since Desmond Hoyte came to power in 1985.

We are in the process of establishing an Urban Community Garden and Agro-Processing Plant in Region 4. 

Education programs will be open to all those participating in the project, so that people in our communities can acquire the necessary knowledge and skills for the planning, implementation and management of sustainable community development enterprises. Courses will include small business management; marketing; sustainable, traditional and organic agricultural practices; agro-processing; alternative energy; waste management and waste to energy etc.

The Gardens will operate on a triple bottom line, social, economic and environmental.

These gardens will enable local farmers to work collectively, sharing land, tools and seeds, and to benefit from the entire value chain, from seed to value-added products.

Guyanese have a deep knowledge of traditional, organic farming methods, however, much of the food being grown and sold in Guyana is contaminated. Dangerous pesticides are dumped on us, pesticides that have been banned elsewhere. We are also victims of an influx of GMO seeds and food. The Urban Garden will use organic farming methods and set up its own seed bank, storing indigenous, non-GMO seeds to ensure our continued food sovereignty.

Land, food sovereignty and self-reliance are key to our freedom and self-determination.

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