Investing in the arts

Rebel Entertainment was born out of a Talent Quest hosted by OVP on Marcus Garvey’s birthday. We are a group of talented Guyanese artistes – songwriters, singers, rappers, poets, actors, painters and sculptors. We recognize the necessity for cooperation in order to overcome the financial constraints which are preventing us from expressing our talent and telling our story.

In Guyana there is almost no promotion of local music. Instead we are fed a diet of music from abroad, the majority of which has little consciousness and  encourages the most debased culture and way of life.

We have a story to tell, however, local radio stations and promoters are more comfortable with artistes from other parts of the Caribbean and the US telling their story, than promoting local talent and ideas. Music can be a powerful tool in awakening people to the issues that are confronting them and not everyone feels comfortable with that type of awakening and empowerment.

We need people, both at home and abroad, to consider investing in us so that we are able to produce our own music/art and tell our own story.

We welcome feedback and collaboration between ourselves and artistes in the Diaspora.

Rebel Entertainment invites creative people, writers and performers between the ages of 16 and 30 to become part of a creative writing film and street theatre project.

No experience needed, just passion and creativity.

Other Projects

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