Where the wealth of the nation is owned and controlled by all the people and not a greedy minority

and where the political and social institutions exist for the people's advancement and dignity, not their exploitation & oppression

This is not an impossible dream


A just, harmonious and sustainable society, where the commanding value is the meeting of human needs and where the sanctity and dignity of every person takes priority over the quest for profit. 

To abolish the existing neo-colonial and neo-liberal political and economic arrangement, and to establish direct democracy, where People’s Assemblies and other organs of popular power will allow every citizen to participate in the decisions that impact their lives.

To take back Guyana’s strategic resources from local and foreign predators and ensure that Guyana’s wealth is used to benefit all Guyanese, not a privileged few.

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The George James Institute offers courses from an Afrocentric perspective, critiquing Eurocentric and racist historiography, epistemology, ideologies and systems. Classes are free and open to all those who want to understand, or what we in the Caribbean refer to as ‘overstand’ the world in which they live.

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