It is time for real nationalists to stand up to this ‘confounded nonsense’

November 28, 2019 ovp


I am in full agreement with E. Naughton’s demand that the Government of Guyana “bring Guyana Goldfields to book” (Letters, KN 27/11/19). However, it should not stop there. The government needs to rein in all foreign capital and companies that have been running riot for too long in this country.
Those who refer to these corporate predators as ‘investors’, never ask the question – investing in whose interest? Truth be told, our Government’s ‘free for all attitude’ has turned the opportunity for foreign investment into an open invitation to plunder. Foreign capital tramples on the labour laws and sovereignty of this country, and successive governments, from the Hoyte administration through the Jagan and Jagdeo administrations, to the present Granger administration, have allowed them to get away with it.