Strong message must be sent to Haitian regime on rights violations

July 9, 2019 ovp

July 9, 2019

The signatories to the letter titled `Credible accounts of gross human rights violations in Haiti must be addressed by CARICOM’ (SN and KN 9/7/19) must be congratulated for highlighting the tragedy of Haiti, and the silence of many, including the ABC countries.

While the so-called democratic West European countries and the US are illegally pursuing regime change in Venezuela and Nicaragua, two countries that have consistently held free, fair and open elections, these very countries are silent on the violation of human rights by the US puppet regimes in Haiti and Honduras. In fact, the US played a pivotal role in preventing the main opposition party in Honduras, led by Salvador Nasralla, from assuming office by manipulating the electoral process in favour of their satrap, Juan Hernandez, the current president.

For those who are unaware, the Front for the Advancement and Progress of Haiti (FRAPH) was a terrorist outfit, founded and led by the infamous death-squad leader, Emmanuel “Toto” Constant. FRAPH was aided and abetted by the CIA, in collaboration with the French, British and Canadians, in the overthrow of the legitimate government of Jean Bertrand Aristide.  Constant later fled to the US and was imprisoned after being used and discarded by his masters.

I wish to add my voice, as leader of OVP, to the region-wide call for CARICOM to send a strong message to the regime in Haiti that the wider community will not tolerate their “gross human rights violations”.

Gerald A. Perreira


Organization for the Victory of the People